Testimonial for Full Circle Services


Full Circle Services

I have used Full Circle on a couple of occasions now, and have been impressed by the number of returning customers that they appear to have. On Thursday 30th May I discovered why this is the case. My personally owned vehicle was booked in for an MOT. I knew that there were one or two borderline issues, but thought it might just scrape through. I waited for about half an hour in the reception area, chatting with Mark and Steve, nervously anticipating the results…. It came. It failed, and on several other areas that I had not even considered would be looked at. Steve and Mark were off to celebrate Mark’s stag do in Belfast on the following day so the place was fully booked! No chance of getting my car back for the weekend I thought. But to my amazement, Steve rolled up his sleeves and said ‘right let’s get this sorted’.

And he did. I picked up the car later that day, fully repaired, MOT pass and at what I considered to be a very fair price.

I have no hesitation in recommending Full Circle to anyone who needs their car serviced, repaired or tuned up. Thank you to everyone involved, you are a credit to the business.

Mick Taylor

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