About The Network

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NetworkersTHE NETWORK was spun out of a large business referral organisation by a group of individuals who believed that more could be achieved in a relaxed and friendly informal environment. All of our members have seen for themselves the potential for business growth through networking and referrals, but also believe that even more can be achieved in a network that builds trust and understanding between its members.


The idea is that helping others encourages them to help you, and given that most people in business will know 100s of people as a respected member of The Network you could have access to literally thousands of potential contacts. Members almost become part of your salesforce.... The Network has generated hundreds of thousands of pounds of new business through members' personal recommendations of local companies!

The mission of The Network is a simple one. It is to allow local business people to learn the strength of "Word of Mouth" by building relationships in a friendly, and supportive environment for the mutual benefit of all.

An added benefit is that throughout the year we have special events including specialist speakers and not forgetting the Network social calendar


Successful business networking is not about selling to the people in the room
Its about gaining their trust and respect!

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