Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can join?

Any representative of a business in the local area who wants to grow their sales can join The Network, the only pre-requisite is that there are currently no other members who are in the same business category, this way everyone gets the full benefit of referrals and there is no competition.

How much does it cost?

There is a NO one-off joining fee. Membership is just £65 per month to cover the breakfast and meeting subs.

How often do you meet?

We meet every Thursday morning from 7am to 9am at Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, Rayners Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP10 9SZ. The success of The Network works on the principle that every week each of its members are helping to grow their colleagues business through referrals. It takes time to build up the trust and confidence in your colleagues to be able to refer them to your own contacts, and we believe that meeting every week helps to strengthen these business relationships. However, equally we understand that circumstances can prevent you from attending every single week especially if you are a sole-trader. Where possible, we do try to encourage members to send a substitute in their place, as this is a great chance for us to network with even more people.

How do you choose new members?

Most of our new members come through referrals from existing members, however visitors and guests are welcome to come along to any of our meetings, or one of our special visitor days where we focus demonstrating what The Network is all about.

What occupations benefit most from networking?

There is no best business to be in for The Network to work for you, it works for everyone. We have members from local branches of international companies, to individuals who are self-employed. The only key ingredient is that you are committed to growing your colleagues business as well as your own, since referrals work both ways.

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How much business is done between members?

The value of membership goes beyond making back your membership fees, it isn't rare for members to get tens of thousands of pounds worth of business through The Network in the course of a year. It can take some time for this to start as your colleagues build up their trust and knowledge of your business, but then the flood gates open!

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