Testimonial for Excel Office Supplies


Excel Office Supplies

When Ian first joined The Network, I was immediately interested in using his services. My company had a long established supplier for our office needs, but we were always concerned at the way that their pricing structure worked and the fact that, at least once a week, they mailed us a glossy ‘special offer’ magazine that we knew that we were paying for in some way.

It was really no surprise, then, to discover that Excel could provide all of our stationary needs at a price that was, in some cases, less than half of that which we had been paying and without any compromise on quality.

Even more importantly, the speed with which items were delivered was exceptional. A lot of companies will offer you a next day delivery service, but with Excel even the smallest item – on one occasion the order was simply for some fountain pen cartridges – arrives before 11am the next day.

Excel deal with queries promptly and efficiently, their website is easy to use and the range of goods that you can order from it is huge. It is very rare to find something that they cannot supply for office use.

Taking all of these things into consideration, I would not hesitate to recommend Ian’s services to anyone.

Richard O'Hagan

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