What is your brand saying about you?

How would your clients describe your brand  behind your back ? Would you be proud to hear their description ?

No matter what size your business is, branding is essential in creating a good impression. It differentiates you from your competitors and it reflects the personality and values of your business. First impressions, as we know are lasting and the impression your branding has on a potential client, will affect how you are perceived. So, it is worth putting effort into your branding and marketing collateral. But where to start ?

At the heart of every brand is the logo and this is the first thing that your clients will identify you with, so whether you are starting afresh with a new corporate identity, or refreshing your current identity, the logo is the place to start.

Without a Logo, or worse still with a badly designed one, you handicap your business and make your organisation appear amateurish. Have a look at your competitor's logos, compare the best in class with your own, or use them as a benchmark, against which to create your own. If yours is not at least as compelling, then you need to address this, before you do anything else. All your other branding and communications, evolve from the corporate colours and icons of  your logo. A great logo will make you stand out and help your customers to remember you. A modest investment in creating a logo when setting up a business, will reap dividends for years to come and set you on the path to building a more valuable brand. Launching your brand, will take you through a process of five simple steps

1.Talk to a marketing professional or graphic designer, such as ourselves, about your business goals and your market.

2. We will then  and create and present you with a number of ideas.

3. You choose your favourite and we develop it to a final logo design

4. We build your identity around the logo with artworks for Letterheads, Business Cards etc.

5. Launch you brand  with a coherent feel across all your marketing collateral, brochures, website, signage etc.

A strong, consistent brand, will help your business succeed.

The post was published by John Dean.  You can view John’s profile here.

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