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Living Streams Consultancy UK Ltd

I’m convinced that Facebook is a suitable vehicle for me to promote the various aspects of Utility Warehouse, both to potential customers and to potential distributors. But I’m not knowledgeable in the mechanics of how to best use Facebook.

I’ve just spent an hour with Tony Thornby of Living Streams (Internet) Consultancy Limited at Booker on the outskirts of High Wycombe. Tony certainly knows how to best use Facebook and has pointed me in the right direction to grow my business as an Authorised Distributor with Utility Warehouse.

If you’re looking for easy to understand advice on how to use Facebook, or any other computer based marketing, then Tony is a man you should consult. The initial hour certainly let’s Tony grasp what you are looking to achieve regarding computer based marketing so I certainly recommend you give him a call on 01494 440019.

Utility Warehouse Discount Club

John Dockett ~ Authorised Distributor

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