Steve Parker

Danichris Limited

Danichris Limited - “A bespoke business consultancy specialising in business transformation, innovation, strategic planning and benefits realisation”

3 Core Offerings:

Business Strategy & Planning - “Taking control of your destiny through formulation, implementation & evaluation” delivering:

  • A clear return on investment (ROI) and impact to the bottom line
  • Business resilience and reduced resistance to change
  • Improved understanding of environmental changes and impact on the business
  • Ability to embrace new opportunities and create new businesses

Programme & Project Management - “The co-ordinated approach to delivering projects and business activities” delivering:

  • Clarification of the desired business outcomes and strategic requirements
  • More efficient use of resources through project prioritisation and integration
  • Effective management of risks and project governance

Business Change Management - “Defining the benefits and building the bridge to the future state” that:

  • Enables more effective delivery of change
  • Keeps the focus on the business change objectives
  • Provides a framework for senior management to direct the change process
  • Delivers a smooth transition from current to future business operation


01494 722462
07847 377720
131 Stanley Hill
The Network has provided me with the opportunity to meet local people delivering local businesses. There is a great variety of businesses providing exceptional potential to both give and receive referrals. It is very relaxed and also fun!
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