Jo Kelly

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  • Jo Kelly is a qualified Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor and uses these combined skills to assist you with the management of aches and pains, both new and longstanding. Jo works from a home-based Pilates + Physiotherapy studio which is based near to J5 of the M4. Physiotherapy treatment for the back and neck can be addressed here.
  • Home visits can be conducted for rehabilitation post-surgery and for falls prevention. This is particularly beneficial for older adults and for those experiencing balance challenges.
  • Home visits for mat-based Pilates sessions can assist in the treatment of back/neck/hip/knee and the long-term management of scoliosis
  • Pilates can assist with developing core strength. This makes it invaluable for those who participate in sport. It is effective in improving your stroke with both swimming and golf and assisting with injury management in sports that involve running such as rugby, squash, tennis and cricket.

07827 127462
15 Arundel Court
Initially I was invited to attend ‘The Network’ as a visitor. From day one I found everyone to be incredibly welcoming and supportive. Members were keen to learn all about me and my business. The mutual exchange of knowledge and specific information about what we all do feels incredibly empowering. “The Network” structure really allows for a depth of understanding as regards the different aspects of other’s business.  This has resulted in me using the services of many of my fellow Network members and vice versa.  I have been extremely impressed by the calibre of the Membership, and very satisfied with my experience of all services I have utilised thus far.
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