Can we buy you breakfast this Thursday?

I have an admission. Every Thursday morning, my alarm goes off and I curse. It’s before 6 AM, I don’t have anything prepared for the meeting, and I haven’t ironed a shirt.

Oh, and the meeting starts at 7 AM.

Aside from my early morning panic, the breakfast networking meeting at The Network is one of the best investments I make each week in my business. Meeting at 7 AM each Thursday at Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, The Network is a growing independent business networking group.

Unlike larger networking groups, we don’t make silly rules about attendance or annual subscriptions. The meetings are not highly structured, and there is no pressure to pass referrals.

Despite the lack of ‘pressure’, so far in 2012 members of The Network have passed over £290,000 worth of business between one another. We only allow one business in each occupation to join, so members do not compete with one another for referrals.

As you know, coming up with all the ideas for your business is a draining task. Not only do we refer leads to one another, we also provide an opportunity to discuss what works and what doesn’t with similarly minded business owners.

It is difficult to grow your business when you are in it seven days a week. For two hours, The Network allows you to take a step back. I can promise you won’t be short of great ideas to implement when you get back to work.

Because trying The Network means taking an important two hours out of your morning, I would like you to try the Network for free.

The breakfast (and the coffee) are on us, and there is absolutely no pressure to join. We don’t force anyone to sign on the dotted line, unless you think it would make sense to your business. What I can offer is a friendly welcome, solid business advice, and hopefully a lead or two.

If you would like to come along, all you need to do is let us know in advance for catering reasons.

As you know, distractions are everywhere. So why not fill in the form below before it slips your mind?

Kind regards,

Rob Drummond
Visitor Host – The Network

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