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Welcome to Clinic62 - Sports, Deep Tissue and Remedial massage.

Massage Therapy offers many wide ranging Health & Wellbeing benefits whatever your age, sport or occupation. Regular sessions are being recognised as an important contributor to health longevity and it is highly recommended that they are incorporated into your own self-care program.

Sports/Deep Tissue massage can be a great benefit, not only for competitive sportsmen and women, but also for those whose general lifestyle & daily activities prove just as demanding on the body. Occupational, emotional and postural stress e.g sitting for long periods at a desk or computer can all produce similar effects to sports injuries.

As well as stimulating circulation, massage can also help to reduce pain, decrease tension, and generally improve flexibility and range of movement. Don’t wait until you are injured before booking a massage. Remember, a little regular maintenance goes an awful long way!

Clinic62 can be found at the Genesis Gym on the Marlow Business Park, I also offer mobile treatments in and around the High Wycombe district.

07827 962211
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