Charles McClelland

ASGF – A Strategic Growth Facilitator

When someone asks about your business – how do you describe it? Would you say that your business is doing “fine” – that very British “fine” that means you haven’t given it too much thought, but it’s OK really. Pretty much the same as yesterday actually . . . . .

ASGF Ltd offers you, the owner of your business, 3 things:

  1. More profit from existing investment
  2. More time for you to run the business, instead of being stuck in it
  3. A better performing set of people helping you do what you do best.

If you'd like some help but aren’t sure where to turn, consider a valuable Business Health Check – it’ll only take an hour of your time and will show you where your business could use some help.

Our services include: Planning and Strategy – 5 year plans, getting a loan to expand the business, freeing up your time, staff motivation, assessing the competition, pricing your products, compliance with employment law, health and safety.

It’s fascinating how a number of small changes make a big difference, and it all starts with a free Business Health Check

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59 Lower Road
The Network has helped me help others, and in the mean-time meet some really good people that I can recommend to my clients and friends.
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