How to Join

Start building your referral marketing strategy today!

Step 1 - Visit a The Network Meeting

We meet every Thursday at 7am to 9am at

Wycombe Heights Golf Centre, Rayners Lane, High Wycombe, Bucks HP10 9SZ

The breakfast meetings are structured but relaxed, with a mix of excellent presentations, fun interactive workshops, networking in small groups, and 1-to-1 speed networking. Some members also like to have the chance to ask the whole group for a specific type of referral relevant to their business, and guests are given the opportunity to promote local events of interest. Of course the bulk of the meeting is taken up with swapping client leads!

Visitors are always made welcome and there is no pressure to join. If you would like more information or to come along to one of our meetings, please feel free to contact us through the form. Don't forget to bring plenty of business cards when you come along!

StepĀ 2 - Practice Referring

Think about when you last made a big purchase. Did you just go into a shop and buy the first one you saw? No, you probably did some research, asked people you know who already had one. When we make a major purchase we like to feel confident that we are getting the right thing for us. How better to know this, than to have a recommendation from someone who knows both you and the product. This is a referral!

But going one step further, how better to trust this person, than to have made a good referral to them in the past yourself. This is the true power of 'Business through Referrals'. Helping others, really does encourage them to help you. So start building the relationships that lead to members having confidence in you and the referrals will follow.

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